50 Shades of Wayne Mashup Trailer is Creepy

With the Twilightesque blind popularity of 50 Shades of Rape Grey, it was only a matter of time before it was spoofed.

But when this particular spoof artist decided to mashup another famous fictional millionaire into the trailer, we saw an even darker side of the man who would be the Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne.

I wonder if this works so well because of the scenes in which Bruce was trying to be the irresponsible millionaire playboy jerk so that people wouldn’t make any connection to his disappearances and night activities.

We excuse celebrities and millionaires of socially unacceptable behaviour so it makes sense that Grey or Wayne would get away with these kinds of antics. Because if either of them did these things and were broke, they would get arrested.

Especially Grey. As the saying goes, if the sexual assault and mental abuse that Grey commits were done by a guy in a trailer park this would not be a romance, but an episode of Criminal Intent.

Author: Rodney

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