Cards to Track Game of Thrones Characters

With Game of Thrones making its miraculous return to prime time television and it is really getting hard to keep track of who is still around and who is…. well, dead.

So this handy website is an interactive infographic with simple artwork on it will to help you keep track! Each character tab will share information about their current allegiances, loyalties, family and mortality.


Beside each caricature, there is a symbol of which house they belong to, an X if they are dead, and markings on the caricature for permanent injury like the Kingslayer’s missing hand.

There are also sections to keep track of the alliances from each house, and after viewing all the information on this evolution of the infographic, you can select your favourite house and a downloadable image will appear that can be used as a background for your mobile device in the colours of your favourite House!

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