DreamWorks PDI Faces Layoffs

Looks like the mega-giant and groundbreaking studio of DreamWorks Animation is not doing so hot as it just announced that its PDI Division is shaving off a large number of employees and reconsidering its strategy.

Cartoon Brew shares:

The beleaguered DreamWorks Animation just announced in a written statement that it will eliminate approximately 500 jobs at its company, far exceeding the previously anticipated number of layoffs. Many of those five hundred layoffs will come from the unexpected shutdown of one of its main studios, PDI DreamWorks, in Redwood City, California.

Pacific Data Images was acquired by DreamWorks and they moved them into their shiny headquarters in Redwood City in 2012. And on top of all these layoffs, their ambitious schedule of 2 films a year (one feature, one sequel) has also been shaved down.

Everyone has to pull up their socks every now and then, and DreamWorks isn’t declaring bankruptcy. What this means for the company is either a smart conservative move, or the first steps to a slow decline. Time will tell.

At least we still have another Kung-Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon sequels to look forward to.

Author: Rodney

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