First Look at Wonder Woman Film


Before we even get a chance to see Wonder Woman’s debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice we are now seeing her origin story in a stand alone Wonder Woman film and CW had a sneak peek at her film and a little bit about what we can expect.

I still have my reservations about Gal Gadot. That she will now be carrying the legacy of this VERY important character in the DC Universe entirely on her shoulders is a little more credit than I would give an underwear model who was a tertiary character in a couple Fast and Furious films.

Yes, she’s pretty. And she’s been working out – which would be an assumption. After seeing this teaser I am convinced of one thing for certain. She is pretty. She looks the part, and can strike some intimidating poses and look very fetching for the camera. But one thing we DON’T see in this peek is any interaction or dialogue with anyone at all. That concerns me.

What I DO like about this is that they are approaching the character with some depth and respect. They are giving us an angle to Wonder Woman that we hadn’t been exposed to before. Fans all know that she is the Champion of Themyscira and was sent out into “a mans world” to save them. I like that they open up the idea that Diana is rebelling against her purpose when Themyscira decides the outside world is not worth saving. That makes the story interesting.

They are shifting her World War II era origins to that of World War I, but that doesn’t matter too much. It may answer the question of her immortality since she appears to be the same age literally 100 years into the future. And she does look super adorable in that turn of the century style with those glasses. See… looks good.

I am still holding my breath, but at least it looks like its headed in the right direction.

Author: Rodney

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