Glorious Cosplayer of the Month – Emily Devilorns!

I had the pleasure to chat with Emily that goes by the Cosplay name of Devilorns and she’s this month’s Glorious Cosplayer!

This is a very special Cosplayer as we start presenting them monthly instead of weekly. This makes them four times as special! And this Glorious Cosplayer also has a message.

First, let’s take a look at this artist’s work:





And she builds her own props too. This is just a sampling, her WIP pictures on her Facebook page



Emily also had a message to share about what Cosplay means to her.

I’m from a tiny town in Nova Scotia, I’ve liked anime/cosplay since I was very very little. Technically my first cosplay would’ve been from then even though I didn’t know what cosplay was then, lol (pic attached of tiny weeb self). I did my first real cosplay when I was 13 (I am now 18), Initially I just bought/altered cosplays but through that I self-taught myself how to sew and draft all my patterns by hand, but the last few years I’ve been more focused on prop work, so much I’ve started planning my cosplays around the props and not the costumes themselves.

Cosplay and anxiety are very close to me. At my first convention I was so sick from my anxiety acting up that I threw up in a trash can in our hotel room after spending about 3 hours light headed laying on the bed. Right after that I got in costume and went right to the con and forgot that I was anxious. I still get sick before I go to cons but being able to dress up (especially in costumes that are difficult to take off) helps me a lot because it gives me the inspiration I need to push through my anxiety and not let it hold me back from doing the things I want to do. Sometimes cons become back-and-forth trips because of how sick I become but I never give up and I always get right back onto the con floor. I think that making the costumes are a type of therapy as well because the stress and panic that builds up when you’re 1 week from the con and behind on your costume is a lot, but being able to handle it and force myself through to finish the project helps push my boundaries a ton. Both help me realize that no matter how tough the situation or how sick I become I shouldn’t let it effect me.

I think that is a fantastic message. Rather than let anxiety keep her from cosplay, she uses it to empower herself. Cosplay can empower in a lot of different ways. Pride in your work, or just the thrill of sharing your excitement for a show/comic/movie/whatever with other people just as enthusiastic as you are.

Thanks for sharing your story Emily. And thanks for being this month’s Glorious Cosplayer!

You can find Devilorns online at her Instagram or her Facebook Cosplay Page

Author: Rodney

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