Google Streetview Into the Tardis

Google Maps – especially StreetView has a lot of great hidden Easter Eggs but some are just for the Geeky types. This one is for you Doctor Who enthusiasts – or Whovians!

If you visit the link (attached to the picture below), you will get to see a common British Police Box which of course is the form chosen by the Tardis, The Doctor’s personal time travel vessel.


Now if you navigate down the road, you will just see more of Jolly Old London, however a subtle double arrow points just off the road at this precise location allowing you to move into the Tardis and take a look inside.

Granted, its just an image of the command console, and sadly not a full 3d exploration of the bigger-on-the-inside police box, but still pretty damned cool that it exists.

There have been other tardis sightings on StreetView too. The Doctor is everywhere!

Author: Rodney

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