Hoverboards are Real – Nope.

The elaborate and brief hoax had every geek busting at the seams with glee as it appeared a company named Huvr had actually accomplished the impossible and invented the hovering skateboard we have been waiting for since 1989. Great Scott! The Hoverboard is REAL!! Only it isn’t.

The above video is a very clever and well done promo with celebrity endorsements like Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd, Mobi and Skater legend Tony Hawk.

The video looked so real, but mostly because I wanted it to be. I wanted someone to come out of the blue and announce they did it. That the most coveted technology of the late 80s would finally be within our grasp but instead we got a video that tormented my inner geek.

Dangled in our grasp, only to have it snatched away before it even had a chance to be real.

It also brings out the sobering truth that its not likely we will see hovering anything in our lifetime.


Author: Rodney

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