JJ Abrams Reveals Episode VII XWing

While JJ Abrams is making a noble effort to raise a lot of money for charity using the hype of the upcoming Star Wars VII and the Force for Change charity, all I can pay any attention to is the new design for the next generation of the XWing.

Yeah, you could win an appearance in the film and a visit to the set by donating to Unicef via Force for Change

But honestly, that sleeker version of the XWing is pretty awesome – if they are even going to call it an XWing anymore. Does it look like those foils can separate for attack position?


What do you think??

Author: Rodney

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  1. I’m looking at that fighter wing and thinking that, if it can separate, it doesn’t look like it would last long. I think they skipped it. But the fighter looks pretty cool. Don’t know that it needed to be sleeker, given that the fighter it looks like it is replacing was a space vehicle with no need for aerodynamic sleekness. But who cares? It looks great.

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