Melissa Benoist will be Supergirl

Looks like CBS’s new take on DC Comics Supergirl has finally found its Kara El – Melissa Benoist!


Most recently Melissa was one of Glee’s next generations – which spelled doom for the show as it now spends its last season rekindling its original glory with the original cast on a planned ending. But the only thing about that season that I liked was Melissa. (Yeah, I just admitted that I watch Glee – I was in a performance choir, sue me.)

She’s really pretty, super charming and very talented. Aside from being in various small roles in dramatic series on TV, she was also in Whiplash which at least got a nomination for an Oscar. She has some potential.

But what I like about her most is how she comes across as genuine. She’s a pretty girl and can pull off that naturally pretty that will come along with Supergirl. The pilot is being penned by Ali Adler (No Ordinary Family) and Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) so I have a lot of optimism for the show. I have to hope that if they are willing to throw Benoist up there in the lead role that they see something worthy in her too.

Of course much of the fan reaction to this news seems to revolve around her chestnut hair – like she can’t dye it? Honestly, even if she doesn’t I am ok with it as long as the show is good. It’s just a hair colour… perhaps she will Hanna Montana it and put on a wig when she’s Supergirl!

Author: Rodney

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