Microsoft Announces The HaloLens!

Alongside the Windows10 release announcement, Microsoft also introduced a new technology they are working on that just might be more exciting than Google Glass – and because everything they do has to abuse the crap out of their Halo franchise trademarks so of course its called the HaloLens™

This virtual reality lens has a lot of potential and how they illustrate that is just amazing. It looks to be even more versatile than Occulus Rift, granting more than just 3d environments as it can incorporate your existing surroundings. Imagine the gaming options that will be available?

And even without those surroundings, it allows you to have a flat screen TV virtually anywhere you want, any size you want! Plug this into your XBoxOne (or Two, or Seven) to play games right up on screen, or just catch some Nexflix on a bus ride.

It also looks like it will be able to broadcast what you are looking at and many of the other features we were seeing in Google Glass.

We are living in the future!!

I personally can’t wait to use it for my Design work. What would you use it for?

Author: Rodney

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