More Speculation on The Hulk in Civil War

It’s been said already that The Hulk will be absent for Captain America 3: Civil War, and quite frankly that might be the only thing that stops this from being Avengers: Civil War.

According to a translated portion of a news article in a German Tabloid ComicBook Resources quotes:

While some details have most likely been lost in translation, Mark Ruffalo is Mark Ruffalo in any language. The report notes that the actors hung out in the VIP area of a night club together. “Above all, Ruffalo and Mackie had fun all the time danced,” reads a quote from the translation. “They were also with us at seven clock the last in the shop and danced to electronic music.”

Now a public sighting of Ruffalo out having a good time with his Avengers co-stars doesn’t solidify that he is involved with the film at all. There is a lot of reasons that he might be in Belgium showing off his sweet dance moves.

One – He is pals with these guys. For the better part of his recent professional history he has been hanging out with the cast of The Avengers. Maybe he just wanted to swing by, and THAT was the reason for them to go out and party in public? Very possible.

Two – He isn’t in the film, but perhaps he is in a stinger at the end of the film and he was there to catch up with the aftermath of Civil War to reveal where Banner has been since he wandered off at the end of Age of Ultron.

Three – He IS in the film and they were desperately trying to redirect and keep this a secret. Honestly, can’t anything be a surprise anymore. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Ok, I admit it is very likely the first one. Plausibly the second, but really unlikely it is the third.

Personally I think his absence speaks loudly to the impact of Banner’s self imposed sabatical. If they paint a picture of him secluding himself for everyone’s benefit and he just shows up in the next film, how do we add value to that act?

Author: Rodney

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