New Age of Ultron Trailer is Online

The brand new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer features plenty of Hulk Smash as well as some haunting Ultron scenes as we are reintroduced to the Avengers cast.

The repeating musical score of Pinoccio’s “Have no strings” borrowed from the parent company Disney Vault, again plays to the theme of the created artificial son escaping his strings.

I have a theory about the creation of Ultron as we already know that Stark is connected to Ultron’s origin story. We already saw a number of artificial intelligences created by Stark inculding his virtual butler Jarvis and another who I think will be the genesis of Ultron.


Dummy is the assistant robot hand that helps Tony in his shop, handing him tools, holding a camera for documentation and fire suppression. All while dutifully serving Stark while he builds his wonderful technology, Stark berates Dummy and constantly insults him. I can see this resentment growing into a brutal rage when he presumes a more humanoid form – perhaps adopting one of the many self sufficient suits of armour easily adaptable to possession via Artificial Intelligence.

What do you think?


Author: Rodney

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