Panoramic Ball Camera that you can Throw!

You know what I love about crowdfunding? That there are literally no limits. Want to invent a panoramic camera? Why stop there? Make a 360 degree camera! THAT YOU CAN THROW!!

And that’s what these guys did. They invented the Panono.

The idea is that this camera is not just a multi-lens cam that takes shots in a bunch of directions like the one perched on top of the Google Maps Streetview car. This camera is designed to be thrown in the air, and when the motion sensors read that the toss is at its highest point, it triggers a picture.

But that’s not where the innovation ends. The resulting picture can be viewed on a mobile device by shifting around your perspective and revealing more of the image. I can see a lot of ways a camera like this could be a lot of fun. Parties, public events, sightseeing. Imagine having an image of a tourist area that you can view in a naturally immersive visual experience!

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Author: Rodney

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