Peanuts Feature Film Trailer is Online

Peanuts was one of the first comic strips that really meant anything to me. I related a lot to that sorry chap Charlie Brown and his plight to fall in love with the little red haired girl, and yet I got to revel in the wild imagination of his adventurous beagle Snoopy.

When I heard they were making a feature animated film in computer animated 3d, I was a little reluctant to think they could capture the genuine charm and magic of the original strips and tv specials.

But now a trailer is out, and I can barely contain myself!

I think it was very wise to emulate the look of the characters instead of re-imagining this in a new style. They strike a very delicate balance of new technology and stretching beyond the two dimensional presentation of the animated specials that only showed them moving or interacting from left to right.

What do you think?

Author: Rodney

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