Podcast with a Porpoise – Machete Order!

This episode of Podcast with a Porpoise is on my drive home from the day job while I discuss re-watching the Star Wars films in anticipation of Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Do the films make more sense if we watch them out of order? I offer up for your consideration, the Machete Order!

So what’s your thoughts? Still not enough to make you watch the prequels? Already done this?

Let me know!

Author: Rodney

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  1. Interesting notion. Not sure I’ll have time or opportunity to do this I don’t have copies of all of the movies right now), but I think it’s a pretty valid theory, and I’m not so slavish to the canon that I can’t imagine watching the machete order (with or without episode one; although I rather liked it) would ruin the experience. Perhaps it would redeem some of the prequel excesses. I would certainly hope so.

    Enjoy your trip down memory lane, man, and I hope the new movie proves to be as enjoyable for you as I’m hoping it’ll be for me.

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