Podcast with a Porpoise – ObiWan is a Clone?

Star Wars is a passion of mine, almost religious in nature. But sometimes I wonder about things that could have been.

I had heard of a theory just before Episode 2 had come out that Obiwan Kenobi as we know him may not have been the ORIGINAL Obiwan and “Old Ben” the Hermit was actually his clone.

The more I looked into the possibility, the more it made sense that it could happen. I went into Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, and anticipated this amazing theory.

It didn’t happen.

But it COULD have. Honestly, check out my old podcast (from my previous website) about it and you tell me if I was crazy to think it could have happened. It’s in the first 5 minutes of the podcast, but I talk about other Star Wars stuff too.

Well? Was I nuts?

Do you think it could have been better?

Author: Rodney

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