Podcast with a Porpoise – Who are Rey’s Parents?

Today I wanted to do a podcast where I throw my theory into the already overful hat full of “Rey’s Parents” theories out there.

But I may surprise you, since while every single theory I have ever heard thrown around out there have speculated on who she is related to (presuming an existing character), my theory insists that we have NOT met her parents but there are still clues as to who that parent might be, and why she was left on Jakku!

Check it out:

There’s an awful lot of people who seem to want her to be the long lost relative of an existing character, but JJ already confirmed she had never met Kylo Ren before this, and that her parents were not in Episode 7 – eliminating a long list of contenders for direct relation.

So what do you think?

Author: Rodney

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