Robert Downey Jr Delivers Bionic Arm

Technology is a beautiful thing, but not nearly as beautiful as the joy and wonderment it could bring to a child who doesn’t have an arm! See, Alex was born with one underdeveloped arm, and instead of having to rewatch Finding Nemo a dozen times to see that he is special even with one tiny fin, a tech company decided to help him out.

Then comes Albert Manero. He is a student that builds 3d Printed robotics and he developed a low cost bionic arm to help Alex where nature came up a bit short. Awesome right?

Now combine that with Robert Downey Jr in full character as Tony Stark to stand in for the donation process as he hands off a bionic arm to the lad while comparing it to his Iron Man arm?


Seeing the boy has enough of a grasp of reality to call him Robert, but still recognize that he was playing Iron Man was awesome. Seeing RDJ’s reaction there was pretty fun.

But the most fun was that this kid, who has never known what its like to have a fully developed arm now has the coolest accessory ever. And in time, this technology may be able to better replicate human motion and interaction making these genetic missteps a thing of the past!


Author: Rodney

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