She Just Wanted A Dragon

The heart grows a few sizes when I hear stories like this. Little 7 Year Old Sophie wrote a letter to CSIRO asking them to make her a dragon.

Their response was a polite “We will look into it” But instead of just a brush off comment they DID look into it!


The story went viral and many people offered their support on how they could make a dragon. Even Dreamworks called in and suggested they knew someone who could train them. After some research they decided to create themselves a Toothless Dragon with a 3d Printer and make it out of TITANIUM!

What a brilliant charitable response to this girl’s innocent request. Something I am sure she will cherish forever.


So now, while all the other girls are dreaming of what they are going to be when they grow up, Sophie knows she wants to be a scientist and work at CSIRO.

Author: Rodney

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