Solving the World’s Largest Rubic’s Cube!

I have always been perplexed and fascinated with Rubic’s Cube – the rotating six sided multicoloured puzzle that took the 80s by storm. I think my deep wonderment for this toy puzzle was that I was completely unable to ever solve it without smashing the pieces out and re-assembling it or peeling off the stickers.

But as if my secret shame of not being able to solve a Rubic’s Cube wasn’t enough they came out with Rubic’s Revenge (a 4x4x4 cube puzzle) and a plethora of other geometric variations.

Now, it has come to taunt my frail ego once more as this insane 17x17x17 version has surfaced. This version has a potential 66.9 quinquagintatrecentillion pattern variations. I didn’t make that word up. It’s a thing. Quinquagintatrecentillion – a 1 with more than a thousand zeros after it.

Worse! It was found on a video of a man attempting to solve the puzzle and he took seven and a half hours!! Check out the video below (don’t feel shame in skipping from point to point, as I am sure no one has watched this video straight through)

Have you ever solved a Rubic’s Cube?

Author: Rodney

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