Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer Break Down

With the release of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed trailer, we got to see a lot of action, a bit of the characters and some splodey bits. All amazing, and was very effective at making me want to see this film more now.

So I took to snapping some screenshots and want to share my observations. What follows will be a long post, but may also reveal some things you missed – potentially spoilers if my guesses are correct. So let’s break it down…

Rey in her scavenger gear

Exploring/Scavenging inside the fallen Star Destroyer on Jakku

We hear someone say “Who are you?” Talking to Rey?

Rey walking across the dessert sands with BB8 at her side. Did she just meet him or will he be a constant sidekick?

Rey appears to answer “I’m no one” – hinting that she’s hiding something. ┬áThere’s also an ATAT foot on the right – rumoured to be Rey’s home.
Also note, that Rey is listed as having no last name – guessing its Solo or Skywalker considering the new Saga films are said to be carrying on the Skywalker Bloodline

Rey stops her work to look up at a ship leaving the planet. Perhaps dreaming of leaving herself?

We see the New Order Stormtroopers in formal formation

Finn looks conflicted. “I was raised to do one thing” – apparently be a soldier.

“Nothing to fight for” as the new design (with red accent) Tie Fighter plummets planet bound.

Finn crests a dune to reveal a small town – perhaps where Rey is living/selling her scavenged parts

Kylo Ren appears to be at the head of the Star Destroyer’s bridge, or perhaps on the superweapon. ┬áThat may be the giant laser, or maybe JJ just couldn’t resist a lens flare!

First close up of Kylo Ren’s faceplate and voice.

Kylo Ren appears to be speaking to the recovered and melted helmet of Darth Vader vowing that he will continue the work Darth Vader started

Kylo Ren appears to be torturing Poe Dameron

Explosion on a forested planet. Could this be the result of the superweapon Death Star looking thing in the poster?

I noticed that there seemed to be a lot more battles IN atmosphere than in previous films.

Han voiceover says, “the stories about what happened are all true”

Finn and Rey together on what looks like the Millenium Falcon.

Han mentions “the dark side, the Jedi” are real. Doesn’t say Sith.

Great shot of the Falcon in hyperspace

Rylo Ken shows up with his squad.

We see a bit more of that previous teaser trailer clip of the XWings flying low over the water

At first I only noticed the troops in the ruins positioning themselves, but up in the top corner we see the XWings rapidly approaching

Battle over the forest and ruins.

Finn appears to be joining the foot conflict as the rebel fighters rush to battle. Poe gives him an encouraging pat.

Xwings fighting.

Finn and Rey are running towards something that gets blown to bits, then reel backwards from it.

Han, Finn and Rey enter what could be the Jedi Temple in the Massassi Ruins – could the forest planet be Yavin IV?
Is that a Mandalorian Skull logo in the top center banner?

We see a kneeling figure with a robotic hand that I assume is Luke. He seems to be either re-uniting with or waking up R2D2.

The ship that belongs to Rylo Ken, lands in a camp of sorts.

Captain Phasma with her troops

Rey is crying. In the foreground there appears to be a furry body. Is that Chewbacca?

Surrendering, but then appear to be lowering their hands.

BB8 joins the battle in the droid socket on an XWing

Poe Daemron in the XWing cockpit.

Rey joins the groundfight

Xwing vs New Order Trooper

Trooper eats it.

Rylo Ken in the camp battle

Star Destroyer bridge blowing up through the forward view port.

Han consoling a very sad Leia. More hints that Chewbacca dies??

First look at Finn with a lightsaber.

That lightsaber appears to be the same hilt as Anakin’s second lightsaber that ObiWan gives to Luke. Luke lost that lightsaber in Empire Strikes Back when Vader cuts off his hand.

Rylo Ken and Finn face off!

Screen goes dark and we hear a soft whisper, “Just let it in” – not sure what that references.

So there you have it. The whole first trailer broken down into bits. Did you miss something? Did you see something there that I didn’t catch?

Author: Rodney

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