Star Wars The Force Awakens Poster is Revealed

LucasFilm/Disney announced that the first full trailer for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens will happen Monday night during the football game.

But to tide us over, they have released the official artwork for the film’s poster.

Now I have a few first impressions on the poster.

First, it is busier than any of the previous film’s posters. There is a lot to include in this image – the old cast and the new – and they managed to fit it all in to one image. It is a little busy, but I get it.

But there is something that concerns me. The new Death Star looking thing in the background. It really bothers me that they might be considering another planet killer storyline. I honestly hope that is not the case, because it feels like weak writing. The “first” film had the Death Star and the prequels all built up to the formation of the Empire and their space station of super planet eating lasers. Empire Strikes back showed us that setback didn’t end them and an even bigger one was being made.

This film is picking up decades later, and I would hate to see how all this time has passed and everything the rebellion has ever stood for is suddenly erased with The New Order doing the exact same thing as the Empire. Weak.

But the poster is pretty. It will end up on my wall.

Author: Rodney

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    • I believe they are keeping Luke as a guarded secret. Speculation says his role in this film will actually be very minor and likely near the very end where he will reveal himself to the new Jedi fella.

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