Star Wars VII Plot Spoilers?

You really don’t want to click on this article if you are trying to avoid spoilers about the upcoming Star Wars VII.

Really. This is your last call.

So according to io9 is reporting that they have the basic outline of the plot of the sequel trilogy. And it seems a lot of it revolves around Luke’s severed hand.


According to the article, the thing that sets the whole plot in motion is: Luke Skywalker’s hand and lightsaber from The Empire Strikes Back. The hand’s apparently been chilling in space for a few decades and now is falling to a desert planet.

There, the new heroes of the trilogy find it: Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. The two decide to return it — it’s unclear if “it” is just the lightsaber or the hand and the lightsaber — to the proper people. They run into Han and Chewie, who recognize it as Luke’s, but they haven’t seen him since Return of the Jedi.

Other details include an ice planet where evil people are building a weapon that can destroy whole solar systems.

The Expanded Universe has been scrapped as canon, but it sounds like they are still going with the Suncrusher idea (a small starship/missle designed to cause a sun to supernova).

And Luke hasn’t seen Han in 30 Years? They better have a good reason to have Luke not hanging out with his best buddies for that long. And what about Han and Leia? Are they not to be together? Seems like they should have been at the end of Jedi.

And let’s get back to Luke’s hand. It is implied that after being lost in that service column in Empire (along with the inherited blue Lightsaber) was over Cloud city. It wasn’t floating in space.

But let’s forget about that and assume his hand has been strolling through deep space for 30 years. It survives re-entry into a planet’s atmosphere where it just happens to be discovered by our new heroes who know what it is?

The movie isn’t even out yet and this plot is already full of holes.

Abrams’ last outing of holding the reins of a major franchise was a bit of a twist on the same story (Star Trek Into Darkness was a remake of Wrath of Khan) so this has a similar ring to it as it seems this parallels A New Hope.

A “lost” item (droids/lightsaber) is returned to a Jedi (Obiwan/Luke) who team up with scoundrels (still Han and Chewie) as they venture off to defend the galaxy from a weapon (Death Star/Suncrusher?)

Please don’t let this be true.

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  1. Personally, I would expect a serious effort by the Sith to recover that hand and try to clone it for an army of corrupted Skywalkers. That sounds at least as lethal as a suncrusher to me.

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