The Art of Trolling – XBoxSignOut

I do not condone Trolls – people who cause disruption and start fights online for amusement. However, this is such a clever use of the new technology to fool impulsive players into doing something unintentional.

On the XBox One (and XBox) there are voice commands that you can issue like so many Star Trek Captains before you. Announcing “XBox” followed by a number of simple commands verbally will cause the XBox to follow your orders without the need for a controller.

In the above video, a clever troll chose “XBoxSignOut” as his gamertag, then acted like a jerk in game hoping someone on voice would shout out his name. And they do!

Fortunately for this gag, the XBox will require you to confirm the command before just booting you out of the game, so many people are either annoyed or amused by his clever prank before cancelling the command.

Author: Rodney

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