TV DC is Separate from Cinematic DC

Despite the popularity of TV’s Arrow – the small screen adaptation of Green Arrow – the adventures of Oliver Queen will not intermingle with the epic big screen storytelling of Superman and Batman.

Newsarama says:

DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns nixed the idea that the comic book-based worlds of The CW’s multiple TV series and their new film series that started with Man of Steel and continues with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would crossover. “It’s a separate universe,” Johns said definitively of the TV and Movie worlds. “We will not be integrating the film and television universes.”

I think this is a BIG mistake. It’s hard enough to make a multi-franchise work without being a multiple universe multi-franchise.

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looking likes its already introducing both of the remaining trinity – Batfleck and Underwear Model Wonder Woman – with hints of elaborate backstories and sidekick cameos all in one film, there is a lot of character development missing.

A TV Show has that time for backstory and development that will bring you those supporting cast to the table without wasting screen time to them. Plus each of the franchises can play off the popularity of the other. Arrow fans will want to see Justice League, and the TV show will benefit from sweeps cameo appearances of Superman and Batman on Flash and Arrow.

The Marvel Phases seem to be proving its possible. Even with the mixed reviews of Agents of SHIELD the appearance of Thor star Jaimie Alexander in her role as Sif was a big ratings boost. The upcoming Netflix licensed Marvel Properties will not be separate from the films (while not specifically connected either).

What do you think? Should the DC TV-verse be connected to the DC Cinematic Universe?

Author: Rodney

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  1. Once again, Marvel trumps DC in giving the fans exactly what they want (Agents of SHIELD, anyone?). Big surprise. DC can’t even get that much right. It’s not like they’re trying to erase the stain of the 90s FLash series or anything. Arrow is pretty popular, from what I understand. And the movie franchise could use whatever boost it can get, to compete with the juggernaut that is the current Marvel movie franchise. Hell, even when Marvel does something wrong, they win. DC just keeps distilling and fragmenting to control the message, but without the right auteur director to head their projects, they’ll keep fumbling, the way Marvel did during the blip that was X-Men III. Proof you shouldn’t throw talent under the bus.

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