Anna Paquin Confirms she’s not Rogue in the Gambit Movie


Anna Paquin casually went on record to indicate that she – and therefore Rogue – would not be in the upcoming Gambit film.

After being asked a few times on Twitter if she would appear she very succinctly said “no” without elaboration or opinion. I guess that’s when things blew up a bit and she clarified that she was just reacting based on what she knows. No one had approached her about being in the film.


Now Paquin is looking rather vampy with the blue hair and dark makeup lately and I am digging it but still, she’s not as young as she once was. This worked well as we saw an older Rogue in Days of Future Past in the future segments. For her to be going back and fitting her younger self into a Gambit story seems a bit of a stretch. I would be OK with the Cinematic Gambit not having Rogue for his ‘chere’.

Rogue had her own story and held on without the need for being someone’s arm candy or attachment. Even the love interest they teased with Bobby Drake (Iceman) was surface enough that it let Rogue be her own character.

Author: Rodney

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