Dimensions Voice Cast includes Pratt, Fox and Banks!

Lego Dimensions is set to take over the new gaming subgenre of console games that includes figurines to unlock characters and levels in game. But Lego Dimensions is more than a mashup of the Lego Movie crossover worlds and console gaming. Many of the original voice actors of those characters have returned to their iconic roles just for the video game!

Chriss Pratt, Gary Oldman Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Joel McHale, Alison Brie Charlie Day, Peter Capaldi, Troy Baker, Irrfan Khan and Elizabeth Banks are among the voice talents found in the game.

My son started with the Skylanders, but we have since evolved to Disney Infinity. Now he wants Dimensions, but a new Infinity game came out that includes the Star Wars franchises and I am the dad who does the buying of toys around here!

Author: Rodney

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