Thief Compared on all Available Platforms

One of the upcoming hottest games on the market has to be Thief. Aside from the nostalgia factor of this franchise being reborn on next gen consoles, one of the things contributing to its popularity has to be its wide distribution across all platforms.

The game is released on PC, XBox360, XBoxOne, Playstation3 and Playstation4. But this is not about the popularity of the game, but rather this multiplatform release gives us the opportunity to see how a next gen designed game will look on various platforms!

The above video has some really great illustrations showing the game on all the platforms to really show off which system can handle the lush environments and details of the new game.

It really makes XBoxOne look like the clear winner with higher contrasts and richer details. The blacks just don’t look as Black on PS4 even though the game itself does look pretty impressive there.

What surprised me most was seeing how close the PS3 version is to the PS4 (and 360 to One as well). While superior, it wasn’t VASTLY superior as I would have hoped next gen would deliver.

I was happy to see PC hold its own there. PC has always been next gen on purpose and is my platform of choice.

What do you think? Does this sway your opinion of the systems available today? Sticking it out with your 360 for now?

Author: Rodney

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